Human Resources Management

At Colorado Payroll Services, we recognize the importance of effective human resources management in employee satisfaction and how vital it is to the culture, growth, and structure of your business. As your business cultivates, overseeing your workforce and the critical employment data for your employees becomes more problematic. Outdated HR procedures have recently discovered the cloud and administrators are seeking access to HR reports and data in a more timely and well-organized manner. Our various experts understand that all employment laws are becoming more and more complex. By administrating our Human Resource Management solutions, the hindrance lessens for employers by encompassing employers and providing the knowledge and expertise to more successfully manage your workforce and keep your company in compliance.


By having a distinct understanding of the laws, our HR Advisors and Support Center solutions can provide all necessary assistance and support. From general HR guidance to detailed support functions, we are here to assist your company in all ways possible.

As many employers are choosing to move their Human Resource Management processes online, many do not have a strategic approach. Our team of professionals and outsourcing solutions can help you to develop and implement a strategy by using our technology to optimize your HR processes. We offer a large pool of talented and educated individuals and partners whose main priority is to maintain an A+ relationship with the client.

HR Management and Human Capital Management

Our Human Resources Management services include HR Advisors and Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Our HR Advisor services include HR audits where a certified auditor will complete an in-depth assessment of your HR practices and identify issues and begin building a tailored HR action plan. Emphasis will include custom handbooks, new hire packets, job descriptions, benefit administration and hiring and termination. If you company chooses to employ this feature, your entire HR department can practically be outsourced. Once your compliance issues are alleviated, Strategic Planning will come into play. We can assist in developing strategic tools to adopt a more efficient and productive workplace. By offering a productive workplace your company can attract and retain valuable employees, and focus on the culture of the company and in turn accomplishing your business goals. A few areas of focus will include company culture, employee relations and recognition, diversity training and performance management. When utilizing our HRIS program, your company will be given tools which will assist in effectively managing and accessing critical employee data


HR Document Management can assist your company from the hiring process to retirement process and all phases in between.  Our solutions feature resumes, offers of employment, termination agreements, disciplinary documents, grievance documents and pension information. This state of the art system will also provide storage for all platforms of employee development and our clients can benefit from direct access to employee files, as well as long-term storage of records to facilitate effective human resources management.

We also offer HR Support Center solutions for all sizes of business. These services will provide expert advice associated to most HR issues that your company may have questions on. Taking advantage of our unparalleled HR Support solutions will give your business access to HR forms, HR Checklists, HR Guides, HR Best Practices, Employee Handbook, HR Resource Center, and other additional reports.

Time & Attendance Systems For Managing Your Company

Ask anyone who processes payroll and they’ll agree – accurate data input makes it easier to tackle payroll and make certain that employees are paid accurately and on time.

Automated processes can help increase accuracy which results in higher-quality payroll, reduction in errors, and time savings spent on ‘clean up’ as well as ensuring compliance. From your business rules to overtime and absences, your time and attendance system should relieve you of payroll burdens, not cause more of them.

Human Resources Management For Your Company Needs

For more information on Human Resources Management as well as Time Clock Management needs for your company, reach out to us today for a free initial consultation.

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